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What Are Some Good Alternatives to Quickbooks?

Among the most common cloud accounting solutions is the QuickBooks, QuickBooks is a set of software designed to manage sales inventory, payroll, and other needs of small to medium businesses. There are several great QuickBooks alternatives that include the following ;


Image result for FreshbooksThis is the best vendor in the cloud accounting vertical, it provides for management of expenses, offering of invoices, reporting and also tracks time, previously the FreshBooks was an invoicing tool, but as a result of adding different features over time, they can now accept payments online, create custom invoices and also by sending them to clients, but after tracking inventory or adding to sync bank accounts, another advantage of using FreshBooks is that it provides several unique reports to assist businesses in managing accounts payable, but can’t offer their payroll service.Freshbooks pricing relates to Xero although the subscription rate will be determined by the people you serve.

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Image result for XeroQuickbooks have faced competition in the cloud accounting from the most famous Xero, to make matters worse Xero on their homepage state that they are online solutions to QuickBooks.The difference between Xero and QuickBooks isn’t easily noted as they provide the same services of inviting and estimating, billing and expenses.Xero supports native integration and over 160 currencies; as QuickBooks, they also encourage a partner program that gives a discount to accountants when accessing industry tools and get new clients.Secondly, is QuickBooks depending on product tier will limit a customer to one, three or five users while Xero will let the user at any subscription fee add unlimited users for free. It also has excellent tax functionality and can integrate with software like Turbotax for example ( coupons here ) for a seamless effect of doing your returns



Image result for IntacctIntact is a modular system that you can buy and implement according to your specific tools and is also an enterprise reform platform that has a financial focus. Inventories, ledgers, revenue management, purchasing and order management, account payable and receivable are some of the features Intacct will provide.Companies that keep track of projects, resources, profits, and losses can benefit from intact as it also offers a communication medium to its users and gives an opportunity to talk about issues in real time.




Image result for FinancialforceIt offers a wide range of items for professional services finance and ERP, and all its products integrate with the Salesforce app cloud as they are built on the sales store platform, making it a unique advantage in horizontal compatibility.It provides for security where users can report on any number of financial metrics with custom reports. Financialforce delivers features for revenue recognition, purchase order, vendor management and billing. Moreover, it’s also an ERP system, hence having a broader focus on integration.


Image result for Sage accountingPrinting of cheques, financial reporting, management of inventory, paying bills and bank synchronization are some of the unique features offered by the sage. Using this you can access a broad range of integrations without the API as it is built on the Salesforce platform.Sage 50 and Sage live are products of sage that almost works like QuickBooks, only that the sage live supports 1-1000 users and also provides a full features package while Sage 50 is only compatible with a desktop. Sage specializes in financial and accounting management solutions for SMB’s

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